California, home of the famous golden coast and a state with a year-round mild climate is a preferred location when it comes to throwing an outdoor event. But you should always provide protection for guests to escape from the sun or in the chance of a storm blowing in.
Fortunately, a reliable California tent rental company can help create the perfect corporate event venue with the following elements considered:


Weather is one of the main factors that every corporate event planner should take into account, particularly if it’s an outdoor event. This is because the type of tent, the height, and the thickness of its walls would heavily depend on the weather. The summer heat requires taller and high peak tents for better ventilation, while lower tents with windowed walls are best for relatively colder and rainy days.

Required Space

The amount of space that you’ll need depends on the number of guests and the sizes of the tables, chairs, altar, and any other fixture that needs to be placed in the tent. Make sure there’s enough room for a dance floor—if you prefer to have dancing during or after the reception—and movement for everyone. Comfort should be a priority for the guests to enjoy the celebration.


There are beautifully-designed tents that suit those who have a leaning towards classical sophistication. Some tents even have transparent walls and a slightly translucent roof, providing a romantic view of the surroundings and the sky for evening events. Tent rental companies offer a wide selection of tents—frame, pole, clear span, and tension tents—to match your corporate theme.

Set-Up Time

If you’re looking for trustworthy tent rentals in California All Occasions Tent Rental can give you professional and efficient services that have been confirmed by its satisfied clients such as Disney and 20th Century Fox. Timing is everything, as the saying goes, because aside from the weather, guests have to be comfortable once they arrive. If you want everything to be ready on time, get the services of a competent tent rental company.

Outdoor events shouldn’t be hindered by the weather or the lack of space. A reliable tent rental company like can help make your dream event come true. Call us now to start planning the most important day of your life.