The Catalina®


Introducing the All New AOT Catalina® Tent 

Simplicity and Elegance tied into one

“Inspired by the sea, the Catalina® Tent has rapidly become the choice by brides and special event planners across North America. With nautical flair, the sculpted peaks and eaves combine to create an open air event space like nothing you’ve seen before. The translucence of the sail cloth fabric enhances daytime events with natural warm light, and positively glows when lit for evening gatherings. The Catalina® Tent fabric is 100% waterproof and built strong to help assure your special day is not affected by the elements.

Catalina® tents have become the newest rage in wedding tents. If you are looking for a rental tent that will leave your guests in amazement and cherish the memory of this wonderful day forever, this is the tent for you. Our vast network of locations, each staffed with talented event professionals, are able to help you plan for the most amazing day of your life. Come and celebrate under the Catalina® Tent.”

The midrange of the Catalina® pole tent system is the 32′ wide tent system. Often these tents are used in conjunction with larger tents to cover bar areas, kitchen areas, lounge areas, and head tables, but they are also used for smaller events or more intimate gatherings where a larger sized tent is not required.

These tents along with the entire line of Catalina® Tents, are built from a lightweight sailcloth material which allows for a natural warm toned light during daytime events, and when lit, positively glows during evening and nightime events. The specifically designed fabric used in these tents is completely waterproof so you can be assured that your event will be unphased despite unfavorable weather conditions the day of your event.

Sample layouts are provided to give you an idea of how you can stage tables, chairs, bars and other items within the different sizes available.

Sizes Available:

32′ x 30′ (760sqft)

32′ x 40′ (1093sqft)

32′ x 50′ (1417sqft)

32′ x 60′ (1740sqft)

Flooring and Staging

High Peak and Clear Span Tents

Garden Umbrellas